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Don’t Be Fooled By These Myths About Computer

04 November, 2015

Computers, while used in nearly every office, still mystify the vast majority ofMyths About Computer users. Sure they know how to operate computer and how to deal with its related thins. But over time certain myths are built up and they are passed from user to user. Many of these myths are now so widespread that they might even seem like common sense, you should certainly stop to think twice about them. Some of myths are simple misunderstandings, while other helps people make money from you.

There are so many myths, misconceptions, and just plain old lies about PC that it's often hard for anybody to know the truth behind it.

Here are thirteen common myths about PC, that confuse people, and the truths associated with them.

Myth 1: You won’t get infected if you keep Antivirus on your computer

virus in PC  - Myths of PCMost users think that Antivirus is fool-Proof for their PC and they are completely safe by installing Antivirus. Unfortunately, it is not always true. Some Antivirus may infect your PC. If you don’t update your Antivirus, there’s always the chance something new is going to get through. Some Antivirus disables your antivirus without your knowledge. So make sure you schedule your anti-virus software to update regularly, and to scan your system regularly.

Myth 2: If your computer starts popup errors messages automatically mean it is a virus

It is a common thought of many users that when their PC shows an error message is that they must have a virus. But if you are receiving error messages continuously, then it is not necessary that your PC is inflect with a virus. There are many reasons that cause error messages. Sometime any programs will get corrupted, your computer crashes while trying to run a program or open a file or your antivirus my conflict and it shows error. However, don’t take it lightly and find out the correct reason.

Myth 3: The only way to speed up a slow unstable PC is to re-install Windows

ReInstall_Windows- Myths of PCCertainly re-installing Windows, will improve PC performance. But is not the only way or not even necessary to format and re-install Windows, when ever PC slows down as it is long and time consuming process. So to cleanup your PC regularly, remove unwanted programs, clean junk files are the best way to improve your PC’s speed. Use CCleaner for all these maintenance steps.

Myth 4: Whenever your computer notifies you of updates, you should install them all

install updates- Myths of PCOS and software installed on your PC provides regular updates, but not all updates are necessary or even wise.  Many software updates may or may not be applicable to you, so read through what is included in updated version and decide if it’s relevant for you. But security updates are necessary and important.

Myth 5: Anything you delete from your hard drive is gone forever

delete files- Myths of PCWhen you "delete" a file, it gets moved to the trash or recycle bin in your operating system. Emptying the trash or recycle bin doesn't remove that data permanently. When a file is deleted, operating system marks it as deleted and the list of blocks in the directory entry are marked as “free” and file is disappears from hard drive. But actual file remain untouched until some other new file overwrites them. This is the reason that file recovery software can often recover deleted files.

Myth 6: Apple or Mac computers cannot get viruses

macbook - Myths of PCLots of people say Apple or Mac computers can’t inflect viruses. Although the Apple OS is more secure than many versions of Windows, don’t let this misconception. As Mac products are on the rise, virus infections are becoming more common now. Mac users can still be the victims of trojan horses, phishing scams, and other online fraud. If you are an Apple computer user, then consider the way to kee your system safe.

Myth 7: “A” Browser is safer than “B”

browser - Myths of PCIf you are think that one browser is safer than other? The real answer is no! Each browser has its advantages and features, but all browsers have encountered security problems in the past. In fact, it is not possible to pick one browser that is most secure as they all have their weak and strong points. It is important to note that most browser-based attacks are through browser add-ons and plug-ins, not the browser itself. You can make your browser more secure by updating your browser regularly and using good anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Myth 8: More cores mean that the processor is faster.

cores in processor- Myths of PCYou might think that more core processor is better than fewer cores. But it is not true! There are multiple factors that decide the efficiency of those cores and the CPU speed is also very important. Having more cores can be beneficial, but only if the program supports them. If you have a single-threaded application, then a quad-core is better than an octa-core. A high-end core processor is generally a good thing but it is a very complicated matter.

Myth 9: A PC is the fastest when it is new

New PC - Myths of PCOne of the most common and confusing issues for PC user is that why their computers computer get slower gradually over time. All new PCs come out of the box set to standard factory settings and limited software install so it work with full efficiency. But over time there are many reasons that slow down your PC over time like programs running in the background, temporary files, bad, corrupted or fragmented hard drive, startups etc.

You can improve the speed of a new PC, by finding out exact reason for slow down and then work on solution.

Myth 10: You Need to Defragment Your Hard Drive to Speed Your Computer

defragment hard disk- Myths of PCIf we were working on Windows XP, this would still be true. But we are not. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 automatically defrag your hard drives, so you shouldn't have to do it manually. Also in a solid state drive, there is no such thing as defragging.

Myth 11: You should empty the Recycle Bin for more speed

empty recycle bin - Myths of PCRecycle Bin is basically temporary storage for files and folders that you delete. And emptying the Recycle Bin will obviously free up disk space. But emptying the Recycle Bin alone does not give you noticeable speed improvement.

Final Words:

Now you know these computer “facts” are in fact myths, so stop spreading them around. Misinformation is not good and in some cases it may cause people to spend more than they need. What myths of computer you think to be stopped? Let us know in the comments.