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 Funny Tips and Tricks




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Here is the list of sites on which you can create your free, customized Google homepage with and awesome theme and a personalized logo!

Customize your Google homepage!

Funny Tips and Tricks

Here is the collection of interesting and funny computer tips and tricks. These tricks not only give you entertainment but useful knowledge for you.

In this small tutorial we are going to see a short and simple windows trick, in which we can create a folder with no name on windows. This trick works on any windows operating system.

Make a folder without a name

Most of us have private of confidential data, which need to be secure from other users. With this trick, you can create a secure password protected folder in Windows.

Password protect any Folder without using any software

Here’s a little cool feature of Windows in which you can make your computer talk whatever you tell it.With this trick, you can create a script in Windows which will make your computer speak whatever you input to it.

Make Your PC talk what you type

Google is the best and most powerful search engine, but it also get lots of fun oriented search results you may be Familiar to some & unknown to many.

Google funny tricks and secrets

In this amazing computer tricks I’ll show you that how you can hide a drive when needed. This trick works in Windows Vista and Win 7 and Win 8.

 Completely hide a Hard Drive in “My Computer”

If you use Facebook on daily basis or occasionally, then surely you are already familiar with regular stuffs like update status, add or delete friends, chat etc. But this post covers some interesting things you can do on Facebook

Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks To Impress Your Friends

Everyone knows how old you. But really you are only as old as your think or as old as a computer algorithm thinks? Confuse? This is because Microsoft has now launched a website When you upload your photo on this site, within a few second it tells you the real hard truth – your age.

Age Guessing Is Now A FUN! You Must Try This Microsoft’s Age-Guessing Site

You have many folders in your pc. But you always want different look for your own personal folder. If you want so, then you can change the default icon of this folder as your favorite picture.

Surprisingly Quick and Easy Way To Turn Your Personal Pictures Into Windows Icons


Nowadays, we all are using many websites everyday and sometimes using these websites for many times in a day, we feel bore and want some interesting things on internet. So are you bored with the same old website? Have a look at some cool and interesting websites that make you smile and makes you feel fresh.

12 Cool And Interesting Websites To Visit When You Are Bored

Cool And Interesting Websites 100x100.png