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Customize your Google homepage!

June. 21, 2014 / Posted By - Kiran Patil

Do you ever wish you could customize your browser homepage?  Do you want to apply theme and style to Google homepage? Then Today we are going to see the sites which provide features to put your own name in the place of Google, customize background and theme. So start searching the internet in style from Today.

Here is the list of sites on which you can create your free, customized Google homepage with and awesome theme and a personalized logo!

After retired super-customizable iGoogle, there are many alternative sites which provide you to customize your Google homepage.


Look and feel of igHome is exactly looks like iGoogle. It provides lots of dashboard and gadgets, you can change background that you want, choose search engine and more. iGoogle providing quick access to Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Bookmarks, Maps, Images, YouTube, Drive and much more.

iGoogle Portal :

iGoogle Portal, gives you a custom selection of information widgets. iGoogle Portal looks clean compare to igHome. Here you can customize layout, huge selection of widgets for all the major categories, add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page.


Netvibes is a popular portal for news, email, weather, videos, and other customizable widgets. There are also a variety of themes you can use also able to create your own.

My Yahoo:

My Yahoo is easier to manage and have Sleek design with easy to use drag-and-drop interface. But has a limited number of modules and lacks support for custom widgets.

Also there are other sites which provide you customized home page. If you found interesting other than this let us share here.

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