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Age Guessing Is Now A FUN! You Must Try This Microsoft’s Age-Guessing Site

May 11, 2015

Everyone knows how old you. But really you are only as old as your think or as old as a computer algorithm thinks? Confuse?

This is because Microsoft has now launched a website When you upload your photo on this site, within a few second it tells you the real hard truth – your age. You will get the detected faces with rectangles indicating the face positions and a series of face related attributes, include landmarks, pose, gender and age by giving an image.

You can also guess popular politician, film starts or any your favorite persons age.   But perfect guessing someone’s age is a risky game, even for a robot and that’s why this there is a apology “Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right – we are still improving this feature”

Visit the website -

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