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So what's the best way to avoid having to troubleshoot your PC? Well, the answer is to do preventive maintenance! By doing some specific maintenance tasks on your PC on a regular basis, you severely increase its durability and ward off some very troublesome problems. Let's take a look at some ideas now.

1) Maintaining The PC Case

Your PC case is an important component. It houses all the parts of your computer and helps protect its innards from the external environment. It is hence imperative that you keep it spick and span and maintain it well. Here are some thoughts on how to maintain your PC case as part of preventive maintenance.

Clean the PC case regularly. Dust accumulates very easily on your computer case. Be sure you spend time wiping away that dust on a regular basis. Dust build up on your computer case and its fans is especially dangerous – since it makes those fans work less efficiently. This can lead to excessive heat build up which will damage temperature sensitive components like the CPU and video card.

Discharge yourself. Discharge yourself before dismantling the case and working on components. It is important to bear this tip in mind. I sometimes forget it and it is really quite dangerous for your PC. If you don’t discharge yourself, you leave the computer components inside the case prone to being damaged by excessive static.

To discharge yourself, simply do this: touch an unpainted part of your PC case (or any other metal substance). Yes, that’s all there is to it. Do that before you open up the case and touch the components inside.

2) Maintaining The Hard Drive

The hard drive is a critical component of your PC. You absolutely need to maintain it on a regular basis to ensure that it functions smoothly. Let’s take a look at some things you need to do to help keep that hard drive in tip top shape.

Defragment the hard disk regularly. There is a Disk Defragmenter tool in Windows which does a very good job of defragmenting your hard disk. Try to do a disk defrag every week – that will keep your hard disk very healthy. Defragging your hard disk also helps to speed up data access, since the data is now kep tin continuous blocks instead of being all over the place.

Back up your data regularly. Although hard disks these days are a lot more reliable, it is still useful to do a backup of your data at least once a week. There’s just no telling when the hard disk might end up failing. Copy all your critical documents to an external hard drive so that all your data is there if disaster strikes.

Preventive Maintenance  of Desktop PC

Sept 10, 2012  / Posted By - Kiran Patil