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Now a day’s demand for computer is increased. All work are to done on computer from school work to office work. And now it necessary a computer at home. But if you are a first time purchaser then do you know how to chose right component? Ok! We guide you to select parts for your computer.


Processor is the consider as Heart of Computer. So give it first priority while purchasing a computer. In general fastest the processor then it will give better performance of computer. But if you see the wide range of processor you will get little bit confusing. There are two major players in processor Intel and AMD.

If you are looking a budget computer just for home work- I mean to official work, watch movies and of course playing games, then you have to look for Intel core i5. But if you want to do video editing, high performance games and animation, then you should go for corei7 or AMD.

But if you really worry about price and want to do basic task on computer, forget all above and purchase Dual Core or Core 2 Deo of Intel.


It is the main part of your computer. But now you can’t buy any motherboard. Because you already choose processor and you have to buy only those which are compatible with that processor. If you going to purchase a branded computer then you have to choice for motherboard.

Motherboard connects and communicates between all of the components inside cabinet.

Motherboard comes in different shapes and sizes, but there are standard set of motherboard and most commonly use is ATX(Advanced Technology Extended)

But mainly you have to consider processor socket. You have to select according to Intel or AMD processor.

Buying a New Computer ?

Oct. 08, 2012  / Posted By - Kiran Patil