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My observation is that many people does not use full potential of Mouse. This may be due to we do not know the many trics associated with the Mouse. So here I discuss on few trics some of which you have never heard of before. I am giving these tricks for who are not not as experts in Computer.

While working on Text:

Selecting Text :

All we know that simple procedure to select text that is press left mouse button and drag over text for selection.

But you know another method –

First place the insertion pointer at the begginging of the text from which you want to select.

Pressing SHIFT key click end point.

You can further select below paragraph by contineously clicking the end point holding SHIFT key.

But if you want to select text or paragraph which are in random series then pressing CTRL key and select the text that you want to select randomly.

Also you can select the text vertically. Just hold the ALT key and select the matter with left mouse button.

Working on folders :

To select folders in series just click left Mouse button and drag over the folders. Similarly press and hold CTRL key and click on the folders or items you want to select randomly.

We all know that we can use the mouse to drag and drop items, even multiple ones. Did you know that is makes a difference what keyboard keys you are pushing while you use the mouse to drag and drop items? Hold down the [CTRL] key to copy items. Use the [SHIFT] key to move items.

But you know that you can drag and drop with right mouse button?

When you drag the Items with Right Mouse button instead of Left Mouse button and release the mouse button to drop the items, there is a context menu appears which ask you what you want to do. i.e. copy here, move here or create a shortcut.

Above I showed you how you can use different keyboard keys to copy or move items while dragging and dropping items with your mouse. If you ever forget which keys to hold for what effect, just try to drag&drop items with the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button! Once you release the mouse button to drop the items, this will bring up a context menu that asks you what you want to do, i.e. copy here, move here, or create a shortcut. Handy, eh?

Working on Windows:

Next trick is too common and all of you are know it. Double click the title bar of any window to maximize it if it is restore and vies versa.

Double click left corner of the window to close it.

Working on Internet

Scroll Tricks:

Windows Zoom in and Zoom Out

This is small trick you may aware about this. You can Zoom in the Window by pressing and hold CTRL button and scroll up similarly Zoom out by scroll down. This will also applicable while working on MS-Office.

Scroll wheel as back and forward button:

In most web browers, if you hold Shift key while scrolling mouse down will let you to go on back page and if you are on back page you can go to previous page or forward by holding Shift key and scroll up the Mouse.

Do you know more tricks about mouse? Please send us.

Mouse Tricks you have probably never heard

Oct. 25, 2012  / Posted By - Kiran Patil