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If you lost or forgot administrator password then it is impossible to view the serial key on the Wi-Fi wireless gateway or router,

How to recover forgotten Wi-Fi password

How To

Facebook is the most popular community to share in the form of pictures and video. But unlike YouTube there is no direct way to download videos from Facebook.

How to download Facebook videos

Imagine a situation that you just come back from trip and your are very excited to share your enjoyment’s photos on Facebook or other social networking site.

How to reduce Image file size

What is the most important thing in your computer or pc? It’s your data. Sometimes it is important to protect your important data from theft or leaks.

How to protect important data in windows

Your daily work is a multitasking and often you need some documents, folders or some application frequently. Then you have to open them again and again manually. But you can save time and effort by assigning a hotkey to quickly accessing them.

How to Create a Custom Hotkey For Your Favorite Application or Folder?

what if you want to search for specific text or phrase inside all files?  Is there a way to do that in Windows 7? Yes, you can search for the content inside files. You can search for text inside of word, excel, PowerPoint, html, php and other text based files.

How To Search The Content of Files On Windows? And Why It Is Important ?

Block Websites using hosts file in Windows

In many cases, it might be best to block certain unwanted websites on your computer. But How? Here is an effective method for restricting users of all ages from

How To Block Unwanted Websites In Just Five Minutes Without Using Any Software

Password Recovery in Windows

Generally you set a strong password of this administrator account. And orgetting your password can be very frustrating, but no worries if you forgot the admin password.

How To Handle Windows Password Recovery Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

ZAR X image recovery

Almost all Smartphone users are now use SD card everyday to store pictures. But sometime user frustrated when they lost their precious photos from digital camera, cell phone, computer hard drive, etc.

How To Recover Digital Images From A Corrupted Or Formatted SD Card


Why save a complete page so that I can read it later? Well, there are many possible reasons. May be you discover interesting websites that you want to read

How to save a webpage for Offline reading

You computer performs very slow? Also every time when you install any program, bits of it are scattered all over your system, and the end result is a slower PC.

How to Boost Computer Speed with single click

You can convert your favorite images into sketches and cartoon online. This task doesn’t require a very good knowledge in Photoshop like software.

How to How to convert Pictures into Pencil Sketch or cartoon online

Have you come across a situation when a great photo of you or your friends and family was spoiled by someone else standing in the background?

How to remove unwanted objects and background from Photos

Remove Shortcut Arrow from Icons in Windows

In all versions of Windows, whenever you create a shortcut and place it on the desktop, Windows overlay an arrow on its icon. Even these arrows are smaller; they are not so attractive, especially on the desktop.

How To Recover Digital Images From A Corrupted Or Formatted SD Card