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How to Sell Old Gadgets? Read This Guide First

April 11, 2015 |Posted By - Kiran Patil

Did you get some new gadgets? Then this is the time to say good bye to your old Smartphone, PC or tablet and soon they are available for online selling. Also now a day this is a trend to change your gadgets  frequently due to heavy bombarding  of advertisers to sell everything online. It is very easy to sell anything on online quickly and easily.

But your gadget contains important information including from your personal address book to photos, videos and documents. As this data is important for you, you must have to take backup and then erase it completely before going to sell. Be alert that your data can be retrieve easily through various app available online, if you only delete your data.

So here are some tips that teach you how to take backup of your data and then wipe the gadget completely so that there is no chance to get recovered.


If you are reselling your old phone, or just handing it over to a loved one, you want to make sure that all your personal data is completely deleted before you do this.  

Look at how to take backup and wipe your phone -


Check list to take backup:

MicroSD Card- If you have a microSD card in your phone, just remove from old phone insert it in new phone.

Address Book – Go to your Contact --> Menu --> Import/export option --> Export to Storage.

Photos, videos and other data – Connect your phone to pc and copy this data to pc.

WhatsApp - Open WhatsApp and go to Options  --> Settings--> Chat History --> Backup conversations. Now transfer the WhatsApp folder from old phone to pc or directly to new phone.

Note: If you are using a pc suite, then you can directly backup all this data with settings to pc. I recommend to use Mobogenie or MOBILedit for this purpose.

To erase all data from Android phone, performing a factory reset is always a good idea, but it might not be enough because it can be recovered. So after factory reset dumb dummy data, delete it and again dumb dummy data. This extra step you can take to add another layer of protection as it overwrites you original data and your original data can’t be revocered.


If you have personal data on iPhone that you want to preserve, use these simple steps to back up your apps and files:

Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version.

Connect the iOS device to your computer using the included USB cable.

Locate your connected iOS device.

After clicking on your iOS device, tabs appear on the left side of the iTunes window under Settings.

Now turn on syncing for the type your want.

Also you can use iCloud to back up your iOS devices if you want an automatic backup solution. You can easily take backup in iCloud and restore it in new iOS device.

To remove all settings and information from your device, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. When you select to "Erase All Content and Settings," the process can take from a few minutes to several hours.


Follow the below steps for Backing up BlackBerry device -


For wiping your Blackberry follow the below steps -

USB Drives, SD Cards and External Hard Drives and other removable media:

The process of data backup on USB Drives, SD Cards and External Hard Drives is quite simple, just copy and paste in safe place. Then you need to completely erase and format a USB or external hard drive. Here are the basic steps involved.

To format an external drive in Windows:

If you want to wipe an external drive on Windows, you can use third party tool CCleaner which is easy to use.

Download CCleaner from

Open CCleaner and go to Tools>>Drive Wiper.

Here select external drive to wipe and then click on Wipe button located at bottom.

Laptop or Desktop:

If you are planning to sell your old desktop or laptop, then use guide –

To take backup, most people will select locally backup option on external hard disk. In Windows pc you can copy all your data on external hard disk.. If you have large data for backup, then you can use third party tools for this purpose like Comodo Backup or Robocopy. While on MAC, go to System Preferences > Time Machine, hit “Select Backup Disk” and choose your external drive.

When you format a hard drive or delete a partition, you're usually only deleting the file system. Anyone can use special recovery software can restore any deleted data (files and folders) because any deleted file still exists on the hard disk until will be overwritten with other data. There are various programs available to wipe everything off a drive like Eraser, CCleaner and Darik's Boot & Nuke.

That’s all! Now your device is ready for selling out.

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