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How To Handle Windows Password Recovery Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

October 12, 2015

In Windows there is super user, which known as administrator accouPassword Recovery in Windowsnt. Generally you set a strong password of this administrator account. This habit is good for your safety, but some time you may forget your password or if any employee left his job without giving his admin password. Now the problem is how to get back or reset this admin password, because you can’t do anything without password. One common solution is to format the PC, but of course it is a long procedure and also changes to lose any important data which is on same drive where the OS is.

Forgetting your password can be very frustrating, but no worries if you forgot the admin password. Here are ways to reset the Windows administrator password on Windows

Create A Password Recovery Disk:

You know very well “Prevention is better than cure”, but we don’t follow these. It is always better to create a password recovery disk before anything happens.

If you forget your Windows password, you can use a password reset disk to create a new one. We recommend that you create a password reset disk when you create your password, so you don't lose access to your files and informationCreate A Password Recovery Disk- To Reset Password in Windows

To create a password reset disk -

After creating a password reset disk, Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place

To recover password using this disk, click Reset password, and then insert your password reset disk or USB flash drive. Follow the steps in the Password Reset wizard to create a new password. Log on with the new password.

Reset the Windows administrator password:

Here are 2 ways to reset the Windows administrator password on Windows-

Option 1: Reset password with installation boot disk:

This is a reliable way to reset a Windows administrator password, and does not require third-party software. You have to boot PC with original Windows installation disk.

command - To Reset Password with installation boot disk

copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

net user administrator *

(Note: in the name of administrator you can put your name of admin account name, but if there is a space between the name of admin user then this command will not work.)

Note: When performing this, you will permanently lose access to any user-encrypted files.

I recommend that you replace sethc.exe with the copy you stored in the root folder of your system drive in step 3. For this, you have to boot up again with Windows PE or RE because you can’t replace system files while the Windows installation is online. Then you have to enter this command:

If you want to put the original sethc.exe file back, then boot again with installation disk --> open the command prompt --> type the following command.

copy /y c:\sethc.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Option 2: Use password reset tool

There are many tools available on Internet, that are used to recover or reset lost user and admin passwords in Windows operating systems. You have to create bootable CD or USB Drive from these ISO tools and then boot your PC with this bootable media and follow the stops to recover or rest password.

Here are free open source password reset tools which will quickly crack Windows passwords-

1) Ophcrack:

Ophcrack is open source Windows password cracker that uses rainbow tables. Ophcrack is based on a time-memory trade-off that recovers 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords quickly.

Ophcrack - To Reset Windows Password

(For Windows 7 and 8 select ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD.)

But keep in mind that password which are too long and complicated, Ophcrack won't find them.

Download: Ophcrack

2) Offline NT Password & Registry Editor:Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - To Reset Windows Password

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a completely free Linux based password recovery tool. It can delete or reset all user’s password, even you don’t know the username. Unlike Ophcrack, it doesn’t find users password, but delete it.

To burn ISO image to a USB drive, visit my previous post and simply download the very small free utility.

Download: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor