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How to remove unwanted objects and background from Photos

Posted By - Kiran Patil

Have you come across a situation when a great photo of you or your friends and family was spoiled by someone else standing in the background?

Then you need some profession knowledge of Photoshop. In Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool and Healing brush tool can help you to remove unwanted objects from image. But to use these tools you must have knowledge about Photoshop.

But if you don’t have knowledge about Photoshop then here are tools that allow you to remove unwanted objects from your photos.


Inpaint is a powerful photo editor that makes it very easy to remove unwanted objects from your digital photos without any specialist knowledge. You can use this software to remove people, small or big objects, watermarks, date/time stamps, scratches, restore old photos, and improve people's skin, among other applications.

How to remove Image Backgrounds

To remove image background is also a common task, which we have to do unhappily. Because it is some complicated and time consuming task and we have use many tools like Magnetic Lasso Tool, Polygon Lasso Tool or Magic Wand Tool. So here is a solution –

ClippingMagic :

For those who have less Photoshop knowledge Web app Clipping Magic is worth to consider. It is a website and you can do online work without downloading.

To remove background from Image, just drag and drop a photo onto the site, and mark some foreground green and some background red. You can see the live preview of the changes on the right side and after completion you can download this image with transparent background.

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