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Many times you would like to try some free service that is offered on the web site and for that you have sign up quickly, you don’t want to give your real address. Because you want to avoid spam and stay safe.

Following service provides disposable email addresses. There are lots of reasons someone may wish to send emails anonymously-

1) Guerrillamail:

The beauty of Guerrilla Mail is that when you visit the Guerrillamail website, you're automatically logged into the inbox of your temporary email address; Just click “Compose” button to send mail or “Copy to clipboard” button to copy this email address for signup. Here just don't navigate away until you're finished with the email address.

You can change your inbox ID to any address you wish. Once it is changed, any incoming email to that address will be visible on the screen which is refreshed every 10 seconds. You can also attach a file with email.

2) Mailinator:

Mailinator is a free service where you can check . D isposable. Email.

Mailinator lets you use any email address and there is no connection to your real email address. Also there's no risk of getting spam from using a Mailinator address.

Mailinator creates an account for whatever email address you use. For instance, if you register for any service with the address “”, then you can check the inbox for this mail in Mailinator.

3) 10 Minutes Mail:

As soon as you visit this site, it will provide you with an auto-generated email address that will expire after 10 minutes with Inbox. You can read the message, reply or even forward mails. It will creates email address which expires in 10 minutes.

4) fakeinbox:

You can choose either an auto-generated or custom username, but each will expire once the 60-minute. You can extent the time.

5) AirMail:

The service supports multiple domain names which is always good when it comes to temporary email services. The site will auto-generate an email address upon your arrival. You can continually access the inbox by copying your private inbox URL on another browser or machine

If you only want to send mails anonymously -

1) Send-email:

This free tool lets you simply and fast send an email message. Or if you want to send a message anonymously.

2) Anonymail:

This is a free online tool to send emails within protect your identity. You can also attach file with mail.

But please don’t use these services for any illegal activities.

Unlimited, Free, Disposable And Temporary Emails

August 07, 2014 / Posted By - Kiran Patil