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In the last post “Secure Your Online Browsing With These Powerful browseGreatest Browser Extensionsr extensions” I was shared list of extension that will make your browser more secure.

Now in this post I am going to share some great Browser add-ons that will make you a smart Internet user. These Browser extensions can help you to work faster, get smarter, and maybe even save time.

1) Page/Image Capture:

a) Awesome Screenshot:

Awesome Screenshot Browser extensionAwesome Screenshot is a free extension, that capture all or a part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. It is very easy to use, simply click the camera lens icon select option from three choic - Visible Part of Page, Capture Selected Area and Capture Entire Page. Once you have your capture, you can crop, add shapes and text and blur it and then save this screen shot on your computer or share it.

Get Awesome Screenshot:

For Chrome

For Firefox

b) Project Naptha:

Project Naptha Browser ExtensionProject Naptha is one of the coolest extensions for the Google Chrome web browser. It uses optical character recognition technology. With Project Naptha, you can select, copy, edit and delete the text in any image on the web. After installing, it starts recognize all text within an image. You can select the text just like normal. Its context menu provides all common functions for texts, for example, copying highlighted text or selecting all text from an image.

Get Project Naptha

2) Reading/Offline Reading:

a) Clearly:

Clearly Browser extensionClearly, created by Evernote is a simple to use browser add-on that lets you read your favorite content on the Web distraction free. Evernote Clearly removes unwanted advertisements, navigation bars, and other distractions with a single click, leaving only the content so that you can your online reading will become clean and clear. Also if you like the article, you can instantly save it to Evernote to read whenever you like.

Get Clearly:

For Chrome

For Firefox

b) Readability:

Readability Browser ExtensionReadability is a free web add-on for Google Chrome only. It delivers a great reading experience by turning virtually any web page into a clean, comfortable reading view. You can also sync articles for reading later as you surf around the web. Readability works on your web browser by giving you the flexibility to read anytime, anywhere. After adding this to Chrome, it shows three option – Read Now, Read it later and Send to Kindle.

Get Readability:

For Chrome

3) Interface/Utilities:

a) Stylish:

Stylish Browser ExtensionIf you bored with the same look of website and want to apply different style for the websites you use, then you must have to use Stylish add-on. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, and many, many other sites. ... User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you customize web sites. Here are large database of thousands of themes to customize the look and feel of website.

Get Stylish:

For Chrome

For Firefox

b) Panic Button:

Panic Button Browser ExtensionIf you work in front of a computer, then chances are you’re opens many tabs that you won’t want to see by an unexpected visitor or your boss. Thanks to this Panic Button add-on, this quickly hides your personal browser tabs with one single click and restores them later.

You can set a hotkey to hide your tabs and also password protects your closed tabs so that only you will be able to restore them.

Get Panic Button:

For Chrome

For Firefox

4) Productivity:

a) Todoist:

Todoist Browser ExtensionTodoist is another widely-used task manager. It easily manages your personal, professional, and shared to do lists straight from your favorite browser with this top-ranked extension for Chrome. You Save web pages as tasks with one click and the URL will instantly be saved across all Todoist platforms. While adding a new task you can also add a due date, set a reminder date and time with an optional mobile push notification. With apps and extensions for 15+ platforms, you can access tasks everywhere - on mobile devices, web browsers, inboxes, and more.

Get Todoist:

For Chrome

For Firefox

b) Extension:

Any do Browser ExtensionWhile surfing the Web, if you get any idea about some task, then with you can quickly create tasks by typing or speech recognition, add notes and files, share and collaborate tasks and lists, set customizable reminders, directly call, text, or email your contacts, and sync your tasks across platforms.

It syncs with the service, lets you drag and drop new items and attach notes, and even turns Gmail messages into tasks. It is also available for Android and iOS. But Any.DO is available for Chrome only.


For Chrome

c) Google Translate:

Google Translate Browser ExtensionWhen you're browsing the web, you might found some useful information in a different language. But don’t worry, with Google Translate you can translate to any language.

Simply highlight the text that you want to translate, and then click the Translate icon that appears. You can also right click and choose "Google Translate". If you click the icon in the upper right of your browser window, with no text highlighted, you can translate the entire web page.

Get Google Translate:

For Chrome

For Firefox

d) Google Dictionary (by Google):

Google Dictionary Browser ExtensionThis free dictionary extension from Google lets you view definitions of any word within web pages you visit. Double-click any word on any webpage, and you'll see a pop-up with the definition. Or search for words from the toolbar. It support multiple languages.

Get Google Dictionary:

For Chrome

For Firefox

e) Detox:

Detox Browser ExtensionIf you feel that your Facebook has same things and you want to add more in it, then use Detox. You can replace your Facebook feed with something positively distracting like Hacker News, Designer and tech News, Product Hunt, Dribbble and more. You can easily turn it on and off whenever you want.

Get Detox:

For Chrome

For Firefox

f) StayFocusd:

StayFocued Browser ExtensionYou sit down at the computer to work, but before to start you work, you have to do many things like check email, updated your Facebook status, Twitter, read your RSS feeds etc. But if you lose your attention towards time, you can lose hours of your working time.

StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites. Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.

You can configure to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages, even specific in-page content (videos, games, images, forms, etc).

Get StayFocusd:

For Chrome

g) Mixmax: Free Unlimited Email Tracking:

Mixmax Browser ExtensionMixmax is a Chrome add-on, which extends Gmail’s functionality in new ways. With Mixmax you can do many things like Schedule Meetings Instantly, Track Emails with Read Receipts, Schedule emails to send Later, Write faster with template, Show web previews to get your point across.

Get Mixmax:

For Chrome

5) Images:

a) Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over:

Imagus Browser ExtensionNow you can browse images galleries easily, just move mouse cursor over the image and you will see enlarged images in their full size without loading a new page. Pictures are automatically resized if they don't fit the window. There are many extensions for this purpose, here are some of them

i) Imagus:

For Chrome

For Firefox

ii) HoverFree For Chrome

iii) Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox

But remember that these extensions doesn’t support all website except some popular website such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flickr, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Google (Google Images, Google+), Wordpress, Yahoo etc.

b) Bulk Image Downloader:

Image Downloader Browser ExtensionIf you frequently download images on the internet, then this extension is only for you. Don’t save ony-by-one image, simply click on the extension's icon in the browser's address bar and bulk download one or multiple images of that web page at a time with this extension. When you click on this extension icon, you can specify which images you want to download or you can select all to download all images.

Get Image Downloader

For Chrome

For Firefox

6) Music and Video:

a) Video Downloader:

Video Downloader professional Browser ExtensionWhen you a visit a website and you like the videos, then what you will do? Now you can download any videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them with these extensions-

For Chrome

i) Video Downloader professional

ii) Fast Video Downloader

For Firefox

i) Video DownloadHelper

b) Turn Off the Lights:

Turn Off the Lights Browser ExtensionCan you ever think that you can watch the videos on your computer as if you were in the cinema? Yes it is possible with Turn Off the Lights. It is a browser extension that allows users to dim everything on their screen except for Flash and HTML5 videos they're watching, minimizing distractions and making for a more pleasant viewing experience.

With a single click on the lamp button in the browser's toolbar or in the address bar, the page will fade to dark and you can automatically focus on the video. Clicking outside the video restores the screen back to normal. You can adjust the opacity of the screen dimmer and select a color other than black if desired.

Get Turn Off the Lights:

For Chrome

For Firefox

Unbelievable Things That You Can Do With These Greatest Browser Extensions

September 22, 2015