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We have many government related documents like PAN card, Voter Id card, pasDigiLockersport, driving license, Address proof, education certificates, birth certificates,  property tax receipt, income tax return etc. Carry all these documents for applying job, passport or driving license is not only difficult but unsafe. Also it is important that you organise all your important documents at one place. In case of emergency it becomes easier for your family to access all documents quickly .

You can go paperless and store them on free cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox, but if you store anything in DropBox or Google drive, you are governed under US regulations and there is no direct protection under the IT Act.

Considering all these facts, India government start providing you a cloud service to avail Government Services and this can be used for personal storage also.

Digital Locker System (DigiLocker) is your Personal Online Document Storage Facility by the Government of India. In Digital Locker you can get dedicated 10MB free personal storage space, where you can upload documents like PAN card, Voter Id card, passport, driving license, Address proof, education certificates etc. You can digitally sign these documents using the e-sign facility, this is similar to the process of self-attestation.

These documents will be linked to your Aadhar number and can be treated as authorized documents. So, you don’t need to carry your documents physical however applying for any jobs, educational institutions or government certificates etc. These government agencies could use your Aadhaar number to request the DIGILocker for your details, without needing you to carry a large file of documents for the application.

Digital Locker will reduce the administrative overheads of government departments and agencies created due to paper work. Also your documents will now be available anytime, anywhere and can be shared electronically.

How to use digital locker:

To sign up visit the site


Signup DigiLocker:

There are two ways to sign up for a DigiLocker account.

1. Aadhaar based method: You can voluntarily use Aadhaar (issued by UIDAI) to sign up using mobile OTP or biometric fingerprint device. (It is necessary that your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar number in the UIDAI system)

2. Non Aadhaar method: You can authenticate your mobile number and then submit your proof of address and identity documents for manual verification.

Upload Documents:

Once you have registered, you can start uploading documents in the My certificates section.

After signing into Digital Locker, click on Uploaded Documents and then click on Upload to upload your documents in the Digital Locker Account

eSign DoDigiLocker esigncument/Certificate:

Digilocker Share link

Share Document:

Do you think Digital Locker system is a good initiative? Will you opt for DigiLocker facility? Try DigiLocker now. Do share your views.

DigiLocker: How It will Be Beneficial For You And How To Use This Service

January 16, 2016