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Dropbox is now well known and all we are in love. The primary function that we know about dropbox is that it sync data from your computer to web or on LAN from one computer to other computer. But you can use this for doing following amazing task-

To share photos you can find many sites, dropbox is also one of that. Go the Dropbox web site – Share the folder you want – go to that folder – copy this link from address bar – send this links to your friends – they can see your photos without login.

Rather than taking a long time to upload files to a remote service, you can simply drag files from your computer to Photo folder.

want – You get default 2GB of space for store for free. But if you need more space then refer friends to get more space. For every person that you refer, gets additional 250MB of space and it is maximum upto 8GB.

You can use Dropbox to install software to any number of computers without the need for a network connection. First, upload the program’s installation files to your Dropbox account. Next, log on to the computer that needs you freshly uploaded software and log into Dropbox’s website. Now, download those installation files and put them to work.

These are two scripts that enable you to remote control a PC using Dropbox:

Server PC

.First run this script on the pc you want to control

Client PC

Then run this script to pass commands to the server PC

If you use windows then you can run this using Cygwin

Keep in mind that anyone with access to the input file can run anything on your machine! The server script will run forever, so if you wish to kill it, you will need to issue a break (Ctrl+C on most machines) or if running in the background, run

If you’re worried about your computer being stolen, you can easily use Dropbox to perform silent reconnaissance in the even it is stolen. You’ll then have a greater chance of retrieving your stolen computer.

To do this you’ll need to install a keylogger and/or screenshot applications and set the applications to log the data they collect to your Dropbox directory. If your computer is stolen then you’ll be able to monitor every key they push and even collect screenshots of whatever they might be doing. This would greatly increase the chances of recovering your computer

Dropbox - Do more with it

Jan. 13, 2013 / Posted By - Kiran Patil