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 Set Your Android Power Button’s function for various task

Feb. 18, 2014 / Posted By - Kiran Patil

Imagine a situation when you want to take urgent photo, but you have to go through long step as Wake your screen -> Unlock phone -> Exit the running app -> Search for the camera icon -> Launch it -> Take a pic. But what happen when you can do this with your power button without unlocking your phone ?

Yes this can happen ! Now you can create powerful shortcuts and save HOURS by using the power button to perform various popular tasks.

For this just use the software –

Press It! Power Button Pressy

Download this app from Google Play and Install. That’s it !

You can tell your Android’s power button exactly how you want it to act when you press it by specifying the button’s function such as flashlight, quick photo, start an app of your choice, call contact etc.

The concept of this software is relay good, but it requires much improvement to do functions.