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Mobile or cellular phones are very popular in today's society. Cell phones or mobile phones actually are used to communicate important messages, however, in recent times, they're heavily used for long chit chats. Also now a trend of caring 2 mobile at a time, it will cause double the harmful.

WHO, the World Health Organization on May 31, 2011 has announced publicly that heavy cell phone usage can possibly cause cancer. You should know - Approximately 20-80% of the cell phone radiation from your mobile device’s antenna penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain.

Anytime the power is turned on, cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation – even in stand-by mode and regardless if carried on belts, in pockets or purses, expose other areas of the body to harmful ELF radiation, as well.

So, it’s better to react before we get affected with these types of diseases.

Precautions to be Taken While Using Mobiles

1) Balance the using of cell phone and your health: I know use of mobile is very essential in today’s life, But as our health is concern, we can limit the use of mobile by avoiding unnecessary chatting on  phone. Instead of using mobile we can use land line.

2) Talk only when you are in full range: If you are not in a range then your mobile search network more efficiency  and emits more radiation. So avoid talking in low range.

3) Hold the phone away from your body: Hold the phone away from your ear and your body when you are talking. If you are using a headset, don't put the phone in your pocket or clip it to your belt – put it in your bag, purse or on some nearby surface. The amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically with even a small distance.

4) Use a Hands-free (Headset) for talking: In case you're not able to limit the length of your calls, try to use the headphones or loud speaker, while talking as this may help you keep your mobile away from your head (brain), thus minimizing the effect.

5) Don't let your children to use mobiles: Always bear in mind that children are more susceptible to radiation as their skulls are thinner and brains are less developed. The impact of radiation from cell phones on children can be a lot worse than expected.

6) Use protective accessories that reduce radiation: Attaching a cell phone EMF protective device (small chip/button) will help in reducing the impact of transmitted signals.

7) Check SAR: The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has asked mobile handset users to check the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of the mobile handset before purchasing it. The lower the SAR value the lower is the radiation the phone emits, which is recommended.

Do let us know if these tips help you in reducing the cell phone radiation (or) any additional tips that you follow to fight radiation.

Ways to protect yourself from mobile radiation

Nov. 05, 2012 / Posted By - Kiran Patil