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Here is Methods That is Helping You to do More Fun and Less Stress on WhatsApp

April 09, 2015/ Posted by: Kiran Patil

Whatsapp messenger is a popular Online messaging service app and here are some must-know mind blowing Whatsapp tips that you must use to have more enjoyable on Whatsapp and increase your productivity.

WhatsApp Calling:

The WhatsApp calling feature is finally here for everyone, that means you no need to wait for invitation from someone. WhatsApp has rolled out its updated WhatsApp version 2.12.19 on Play Store for Android.

To enable Whatsapp calling, you have to update WhatsApp verstion from Play Store. When you update WhatsApp, you can see main interface of this application is divided into 3 Tabs: Calls, Chats and Contacts. Both caller and receiver have to update to the latest version to use the calling feature. You can make call through WhatsApp to only those contacts, which has this updated version.

But don’t be excited by thinking that now you can make free calls from WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp calling features is free, calling through it uses a data connection to place a call. WhatsApp call on 3G will cost around .20 MB of data and on 2G it will take .35 MB of data per minute. This mean for 10 minute call, it will cost 3.5 MB on 2G. If we assumes that you have 1GB data plan of 2G for 99 Rs. Based on this it will cost you for one rupees for 10 minutes calling on 2G. But if you have WiFi in your office and if you can use it, then it’s free.

WhatsApp Read Receipt:

Everyone is now know that when you sent your message in WhatsApp- If you see the Read Receipts / two blue check marks  next to your sent message, then the recipient has read your message.

If you do not see two blue check marks next to your sent message, then you or the recipient may have disabled Read Receipts in their Privacy settings.

You can disable the Read Receipt –

That will disable the blue ticks on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web:

To provide you with a richer communication experience, WhatsApp is now accessible both on your phone and your computer. WhatsApp Web is a computer based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all messages on both devices.

To get started with WhatsApp Web you must first pair your phone and computer:

Note: To avoid data usage charges on your phone, I recommend that you to use Wi-Fi when using WhatsApp Web.

Hide Last Seen, Profile photo and Status:

If you don't want to share your last seen, profile photo and Status to others, then -

Stop Auto Downloading Images and Videos:

Whatsapp has default setting which downloads automatically media files like audio, Pictures and Videos. But it has some drawbacks like it consume your data to download unnecessary images and videos, decrease space of storage and also it kills your phones battery life.

So it better to stop this auto downloading feature –

Stop WhatsApp Images from Appearing In Gallery Or Camera Roll:

You receive lot of images and videos on WhatsApp, and all these images and videos are shown in Phones Gallery. But if you don’t want to show these in your photo gallery as this may be annoying for you, then here is method to hide them from Gallery.

Now open the Gallery in your phone and you can’t see any WhatsApp images  or videos; like they are never there.

I recommend to use the free and best file manager app - ES File Explorer app for this purpose.