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Little Known Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Which Makes You A Power User

June 25, 2015/ Posted by: Kiran Patil

Android 5 Lollipop has arrived with thousands of devices. There are manyLittle Known Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Which Makes You A Power User changes in Lollipop apart from the Material Design, interface and performance improvements. In Android Lollipop there are so many new features for users to explore in the phone. You may aware some of them, but there are some hidden features to explore. Here are some tips and tricks you must know about the all new Android Lollipop 5. But keep in mind that some functions will change according to manufacture.

1) Access Quick Settings:

You can getQuick Setting of Android to the most frequently used settings with just two swipes down from the top of the screen. There are handy controls like flashlight, hotspot, screen rotation and cast screen controls. You can easily toggles on/off of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location. And you can manually adjust your brightness for certain conditions.

To access quick settings in Android Lollipop, first swipe bring down the notification and second swipe bring quick setting. But if you want to get straight into those Quick settings without a second swipe, then just swipe down with two fingers instead of one.

Notification in Android

2) Deal with Notification:

Pulling down from the top will open the notifications panel. Notifications now show in the middle of the lock screen and tapping on these notifications will open the associated app. But if you don’t want to show them anyone, you can hide sensitive notification by Setting --> Notification manager --> tap on When device is locked --> select don’t show notification

3) Set up priority mode:

Now those daAndroid Prirority modeys are gone when you are often disturbed by the irritating notifications or alert  while you do not want them. Google has introduced Do Not Disturb feature which is recognized by the name 'Interruptions'. You can set up priority mode according to your need, and enjoy working or anything freely.

You can access the Interruptions settings by pressing volume up or down key on your device. It has three modes – None, Priority and All.

None- will disable all notifications, even your alarm clock.

Priority - will show only notifications you customize. (To customize tap gear icon next to the words “Priority interruptions only.”)

All – enable all notifications.

Battery Save Mode

4) Enable Battery Saver Mode:

Android 5.0 Lollipop promises to extend device use by up to 90 min. in battery saver mode. To enable the battery saver mode --> Settings --> Battery --> tap the Battery Mode --> select Power Save.

Also in Battery setting it displays estimated time left on your device before you need to charge again. When your device is plugged in for charge, it displays estimated time left to fully charge.

5) Quickly check your data usage and Set Data Limit:

One of the Celluler Datanew features in the Quick Settings menu lets you quickly check your data usage. Simply pull down the menu and tap the network icon. It's as easy as that.

If you have on a data limit plan, then nobody want data over limit, then Lollipop makes it really easy to check on your usage. In the notification bar, tap on the cell data icon and you will get how many data you have been used. You can also set data limit by tapping More settings.

6) Add Trusted Devices:

If you frequently connect other devices like smartwatch, then you can set a Bluetooth or NFC tag as a "Trusted Device." This mean whenever these devices are in range, the security passcode or pattern don’t require for unlocking them.

To add a trusted device, head to Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock. Here you will be able to set any Bluetooth device or NFC.

7) Add a New User or Guest Account:

If you Androild Usersfeel uncomfortable about someone using your device, then you can share your Android Lollipop phones with some restrictions in guest user mode or without restrictions in multiple user mode.

To create a user, pull down the notifications menu from the home screen and in quick settings panel tap the avatar of current user in top right. In more settings tap you can enable phone calling feature to guest user.

Also you can create user from Setting --> UsAndroid Userers --> Add user.

The new user will have own home screen and settings which are different than yours. You can switch to other user mode by dragging down the notification pane, and then tap your user icon in the top right corner and pick which account you want to switch. Guest user is perfect for kids and it works as a parental control.

To switch between the accounts that you have created, pull down the notification tray, tap the user icon once, then once again and pick which account you want to switch to.

8) Pin and unpin the screen:

As its Pin Appsname suggests, this feature allows you to pin whatever’s on your screen at a certain time and no accidental swipes or taps on a button will allow you to exist the app unless you unpin it first. Screen pinning works pretty much anywhere - in any app, game, or settings screen.

To enable pinning go to Settings -->Security --> Tap Screen Pinning option switch to enable Pinning.

Pin an apps-

Launch the app you want to pin and tap the ‘Overview button i.e. the multitask button and bring the app into view. You will a pin icon at the bottom right of the last app’s preview. Tap it and confirm you want to pin the app.

To exit screen pinning tap and hold overview button.

9) Double tap to wake:

Don't press power button every time for the display and wake up your Android Lollipop. Simply double tap on the screen anywhere to wake up your phone. To enable go to Setting --> Display & lights --> enable Double-tap to wake.

Search Setting

10) Search in settings:

With more option included into smartphones and tablets, the settings menu has grown and got ever more complex. But you can search in setting menu by tapping magnifying glass and type what your are looking for.

11) Stop adding new app icons to homescreen:

If you don't want new installed apps icon on your homescreen, go to Play Store --> Settings and uncheck the box “Add icon to Home screen”.

12) Set Button Actions:

Android Home ButtonIn the day to day working of the Android, a normal user do many things like move from one app to other, lock and wake screen, go to home screen etc. All these actions can be configured with the Home button, Back button and Menu button. You can set the action you want for eg. you can set double tap to home button to go last app which is very useful .

I hope these tips will help you uncover handy features of android and you can use your phone with full potential.