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How To Make More By Sending Sms From Desktop By Doing Less Efforts

September  04, 2015

Is SMS Text still important? The answer is yes …. Smartphones have not onlyBulk_SMS_from_desktop changed the way people live, but also the way they communicate. No doubt that this is the generation of Whatsapp  and everyone shares their feeling on it. After all, your smartphone comes with three social networks out of the box, voice, SMS and email and people use these services for different purposes.

However SMS is the only way to deliver your announcement to thousands of people just in 1 minute. The biggest advantage of using SMS is that you can easily contact the person of your choice, even if you do not have an internet connection. Believe it or not there are still many people in this world who do not have smartphones, which is why they cannot send or receive free messages through applications. SMS ensures that contacting people, who do not have smartphones .

There are different purpose of SMS like, wishes, announcement, emergency communications, service delivery, marketing and advertising purpose. You can send

Here we will look how to send and receive SMS through your computer.

A) Best Bulk SMS Software

Download these Free Bulk SMS Software and Start Sending SMS Messages from your Windows PC.

1) Bulk SMS Software:

You can send SMS with this free software and there is no registration is required neither you need to create an Account on any Website to send SMS Messages in Bulk with the Software presented here.

This Bulk SMS Software allows you to send bulk SMS messages from your PC. There is no limit in the number of SMS Messages you can send with this program. The app provides you the functionality of sending a single SMS message to multiple mobile numbers. There are no complicated configurations and this SMS Software detects the connected USB Modem Automatically and all the SMS Messages are sent by this software using the SIM Card Inserted in the Internet Dongle.

Download: Bulk SMS Software

2) Desktop Android Manager:

1) mobogenie:

Mobogenie is a All-in-one Android Smartphone PC Manager, that allows you to manage your android phone in many ways.. Mobogenie links your Android device to your Windows PC, typically via the USB cable. You can send SMS directly from computer to one or more friends in mobogenie.

Download: mobogenie

2) MobileGo:

Wondershare MobileGo works like a desktop SMS assistant, helping to manage all SMS on your Android phone from computer. With it, you can save SMS and threads to computer, send and receive SMS from computer, and mark unread SMS as read.

Download: MobileGo

3) Android Apps:

i) SMS Center - Send SMS from PC

In the SMS Control Center explorer you will find all your SMS in the inbox, sent and deleted items. SMS Control Center allows you to send and receive SMS from your computer with your connected Android mobile. All folders are syncronized automatically when the application is started up.

Download: SMS Center - Send SMS from PC

ii) MightyText: SMS Text Messaging:

MightyText is another popular app that is focus built for SMS management through your computer. MightyText focuses on handling your messages through a web browser, providing a web page for you to visit, from which all of your messages are synced between PC and Android device. Simply follow the setup instruction in the Android app and you’ll be up and running in a few clicks.

Download: MightyText: SMS Text Messaging

iii) Yappy SMS text from PC:

It is a great productivity app for sending and receiving text and picture messages from your computer or tablet from the Web. Yappy is synced with your phone and uses your current Android phone number.

Download: Yappy SMS text from PC

4) Online Sites:

It’s convenient that some online SMS providers will let you sign-up for their service on their site and start texting right away on their shared short code.

These sites will help you in urgent situations to send quick message to your friends, relatives when you don’t have your phone with you. Also, if you don’t do SMS pack recharges, these websites will help you to send unlimited SMS to any phone

1) Fullonsms

2) 160by2

3) Way2sms