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Eliminate Your Fear While Using Internet on Mobile By These Data Reducing Tips

September 06, 2015

People are now more engaging with their Smartphone through social networkReduce_Mobile_Internet_Dataing sites, streaming music and videos and online games, shopping and learning. Without Internet connectivity, your Smartphone is of no use. If you have a limited mobile data plan, then many users lost their data connectivity due to full utilization of data before its end date. Then you don’t understand why was there so much data used? And you feel powerless.

There are many data-hungry apps and consumes so much data that you can’t imagine. You can reduce your mobile data usage with proper configuration of your Android device.

1) Turn Off Mobile Data When Not in Use:

WhenTurn off Celluler Data_to reduce mobile data you don’t use, you can turn the mobile data off to avoid excessive data usage. This is a basic step but most of us don't take care of it. Swipe down from the top of the screen, tab on Network operator icon and swipe on “Cellular Data”

Switch 2G _to reduce mobile data

2) Switch network to 2G mode while not using Internet:

Standard data rate for 3G is much higher than Standard data rate of 2G. So you will be charged a lot for any unnecessary data usage in 3G mode. So use 3GB only if you need it and put your network mode on 2G.

Go to Settings --> Mobile Network --> Preferred network type --> Select ‘2G’ option

3) Restrict background data usage:

There are many apps that run in the background and eat up your mobile data without your knowledge. Most android apps installed on your phone requires access to data even if they are not being for activities like Whatsapp and Facebook updates, online games, high-frequency email inbox checks, automatic application updates, notification and other background activities.

 You should figure out which apps consume the most data traffic, and this can be done by going to “Settings” and then to “Data Usage”. Here you will see a list of all the apps that have Internet access and how much traffic they make. If you notice an app is using too much background data, select this app and check "Restrict background data."

Set Data Limit_to reduce mobile data

4) Set Data Usage Limit:

Androids are a lot of fun until you hit your data limit. And then you will be charged very expensive rate per MB. That’s why it is always better to set a limit for how much data your Android smartphone uses over a cycle, plus a warning that tells you when you are approaching that limit.

To set data usage limit, go to Setting --> Data Usage. Enable the “Set the mobile data limit” checkbox, then select the usage cycle. Drag the two horizontal bars across the graph to set data limit and warning.

5) Update apps on Wi-Fi only:

autoupdate on WiFi ony _to reduce mobile dataAndroid has an inbuilt option of auto-update of apps in its official app store- the Google Play Store. This is really a good function for up-to-date, but these many apps are more than 30MB size. If you updates only 5 apps then their total size may be 150MB. So it if you have WiFi connectivity in your home or office, then force all apps to update over Wi-Fi only and save your expensive mobile data.

Go to the Google Play store and tap Menu --> Settings --> Auto-update apps. Here, be sure "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only" is selected.

6) Minimize browser data usage:

Data Saver_Chrome_to reduce mobile dataFor web surfing, there are apps like Opera mini and chrome, which are very much efficient in reducing the internet data usage while surfing.

Opera mini is consumes small amount of internet data. Opera mini is a great browser for the situation low connectivity and to reduce the Internet data consume.

In chrome, when you're using Data Saver, Google's servers reduce the amount of data that gets downloaded when you visit a webpage. But this feature is disables by default. To enable go to Setting in Chrome --> Under "Advanced," touch Data Saver --> Slide the switch ON.

Many website comes with mobile version and if you can open these websites in mobile version, you can save lot of data.

7) Stop using live streaming sites:

Live streaming sites like youtube and Netflix are also the reason to draining internet data. These live streaming apps consume most of the data which you use within a month. So to save your internet data stop using these live streaming apps. If you want, use a lower quality stream to get the best value from your data.

8) Turn off push notifications:

If you hTurn off Notification_to reduce mobile dataave a push apps like whatsappp, facebook and e-mail, then turn push off when you don’t need it. By turning off push notification you can not only save your mobile data but battery life also.

Go to Setting --> Apps --> select apps for which you want to turn off notification and uncheck “Show notification”.

9) Get rid of ads:

Not only are they irritating, ads are also eating your data. Many free apps and games shows ads at the bottom of the screen which use your cellular data. So it is a good reason of using adds free apps or turn off mobile data before using these apps to avoid ads and save your data pack.

10) Turn off sync:

Sync Turn Off_to reduce mobile dataSyncing provide value, but can be harmful for your mobile data. With automatic syncing, Google updates any time a change is made. By default, everything is set to sync, including things like photos, the Play Store, and other Google apps. You don't necessarily need all these items syncing -- especially data-heavy ones like photos.

You can change your sync settings for Google services in Settings --> Accounts --> Google --> select the account and then un-check the services you don't want syncing automatically.

11) Stop WhatsApp auto download:

Whatsapp medio downlaod_to reduce mobile dataBy default, WhatsApp will automatically download images over your cellular connection to provide you with quick access to your latest photos. But when you get daily dozens of images and videos, then it consumes lot of internet data. You can stop WhatsApp from automatically saving photos and videos on your phone or set on WiFi only.

To configure automatic photo, video, or audio downloading, simply go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chats and calls > Media auto-download.

12) Use third party apps:

TOnavo Extender_to reduce mobile datahere are many third party apps which helps you to reduce mobile data-

Onavo Extend is a free apps, that helps you to save mobile data by By compressing downloaded data (received) to your Android device. Onavo Extend runs continuously in the background of your phone and directs all of your mobile data traffic through Onavo's servers and compression technology, where data is compressed before being sent to your device.

It is small apps with size less than 5MB and after installing this service effectively tunnels your data traffic through a special VPN, applying various data optimization techniques before sending pages off to your phone for consumption. Also it provides detailed data usage reports in a graph, that tells you which apps are running and how much data you're currently saving, as a percentage. You can get up to 5 times more out of your mobile data plan with Onava Extend.

Download: Onavo Extend

Happy Savings

Let us know how much data you are saving with these tips or if you have another solution to save data.