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9 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster

February 09, 2016

Mobile phone users checks their phone battery status dozen times a dCharge Your Smartphone Battery Fasteray because Battery is power source for smartphones without battery a smartphone is nothing. A Smartphone usually takes 1 -2 hours to charge completely. But Sometimes we only have few minutes to charge our phone and desperately wish to charge it quickly in that short span of time. But reality is that, it will charge only 2-3% in 10 minutes.

A dying smartphone battery is a too common first world problem, with devices always seeming to run out of power just when you need them the most. Now some manufacturers are start using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology to quick charge. In this technology it will charge you phone upto 50% in just 30 min.But limited devices like HTC Desire EYE, M8, Moto X 2014, Nexus 6, Note Edge, Xperia Z2 etc.

If your phone doesn’t support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology and you are facing it’s charging problem, then unfortunately you have to read this guide. This post explores all the options available to you and definitely you will get ideas about how to charge your Android battery faster.

1) Airplane Mode:

Airplane Mode- Fast Charge MobileAll we know that the biggest Android battery drainer is all your applications that are using the radios. If somehow you can shutdown all of the radios on your device, you could recharge it faster. So before you connect your phone to the charger, close any open apps and enable Airplane mode.

Airplane mode will turn off all of the wireless radios in your device, preventing from accessing web, GPS and even you can’t make or receive calls or texts.

2) Turn it off:

Turning your phone off completely will recharge it faster than putting it in airplane mode. But again you can miss call or other notifications.

3) Switch off unnecessary features:

If you are not agree to put your phone on Airplane mode or completely turn off, then at least Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data that will consume more battery power.

4) CloTask Manager-Fast Charge Mobilese all running apps:

Sometimes slow charging problem occurs because of the apps that keep running in the background. Close these entire apps from the task manager before charging.

5) Use the right power adapter and cable:

Many people charge their phone with other similar charger. Using different kind of charger may harm your phone's battery or charging speed. Because all chargers are not of equal capacity and these charge manufactured according to your smartphone and deliver exact power. If you are using other charger that delivers lower voltage then it will slow down the charging speed.

6) Use more powerful charger:

power adapter and cable- Fast Mobile ChargeIf you want to increase charging speed, then use more powerful charger available in the market. Using branded 2A wall-charger with compatible highly quality cable will not blow up charging speed of your phone. But you should use one from reputed brand.

7) Power Saving Mode:Power Saving Mode - Fast Mobile Charge

It’s also worth turning power saving mode on while your smartphone is charging. This will help conserve power while your smartphone is charging by reducing system performance as well as other behind-the-scenes resources.

8) Don’t charge from your laptops or computer’s USB ports:

laptop-usb- Fast Charge MobileYou can charge smartphones by connecting it to laptop or computer, but they won’t charge as fast as they would if you plugged them into a proper, dedicated charger. Usually modern Android phones and other devices are capable of taking more power than a typical computer’s USB ports can provide. Hence, your smartphones charge slowly when connected to USB port of pc/laptop instead of wall-charger.

But if have no option and want to use USB port of your laptop to charge phone, then use a double-point USB cord – an extra cord will draw double amount of current from computer USB ports resulting in faster charging.

9) Find out any other reasons that are charging slowly:

i) If your phone is charging slowly, check whether   the USBreak USB Cable - Fast Mobile ChargeB cable is bent, break or anything is wrong with it. It is better to use original USB cable that comes with phone. It will help to improve charging speed.

ii) Check if phone’s USB port is damaged

10) Use a Mobile App:

There are many apps available on Google play store for free and paid version. These apps promises to boost charging speed of your smartphone. These apps will automatically kills all apps running in the background and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, Bluetooth. This will helps your phone battery charge faster.

Here are some of them-

I) Super Fast Charger 5x

ii) Ultra Fast Charger

If you are using any other method to charge fast or any concerns regarding your android phones battery, ask in comments and you will get answer.