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Android is the biggest trend in today’s life, but battery life is one of the biggest issues in the Android world today. So let’s see how can we improve our mobile’s battery life.

Following are the areas where you have to improve:

Display property:

Your phone’s screen is the largest power draw on the device, and the brighter it is, the more power it draws. Screen brightness is inversely proportional to the battery life of the phone. In simple words, keep the brightness low!

Also the automatic adjustment setting will automatically dim its display in darker environments.

Screen timeout:

Also, ensure that your phone’s screen timeout is short for 30 second and never for 10 min or 30 min. screen timeout. You’ll notice a considerable improvement in your phone’s battery life.


Turn Off GPS when you doesn’t need it. Also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We have observed in all our battery tests that Wi-Fi takes up a considerable amount of battery life, so if you’re on the move, don’t keep the Wi-Fi signal on. Your phone will constantly look for networks to connect to.

Home Screen:

Home screen also decides how long battery will go. So turn off animated live wallpapers, remove the Facebook and Twitter live feed widgets. It’s important to keep the home screen clutter-free and only keep the things that are very important to you.

Auto Sync:

If e-mail is very essential then auto sync is ok, but If it is unnecessary don’t set auto sync at all time. With auto sync, it eats your battery life. So simply turn off sync for other app's too like Facebook, Twitter, weather unless it’s necessary.

Battery Use:

Android has the futures which shows you what task are using battery with how many percentages. This future is in setting – Application setting. This lets you review which task is taking up your mobiles battery life.

How to Improve My Android Phone's Battery Life

Nov. 17, 2012 / Posted By - Kiran Patil