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7 Awesome Hidden Features And 3 New Features of True Caller That Will Make You A Smart User

March 22, 2016

Truecaller is one of the leading calle7 Hidden Features And 3 New Features of True Callerr identification service in the world. In merely 10 months, Truecaller have crossed 2 billion users. Truecaller is an app that you can install and use in your Android phone and resolve the mystery of ostensibly unknown callers.

All of us knows that Truecaller shows the name and location of unknown numbers which are not in our phonebook. But did you know that there are lots of features in Truecaller which surely surprising you. Also these hidden secret are very helpful to you to utilize it as a professional user.

Here are seven tricks and tips that you can using Truecaller

1) Block calls:

If you find that, someone is irritation you over the phonBlock calls - Truecaller hidden and new featurese, no need to get worried about it, now, you can block the unwanted calls by using the app. Just follow the instructions mentioned in the app and block such calls.

2) Protect yourself from spammers:

Once, you have installed the app in your AnProtect yourself from spammers- Truecaller hidden and new featuresdroid device, automatically, the app safeguards you from the known spammers in a region. You will also be able to reject calls from the callers who hide their identity during making calls, through using the app.

3) See who is calling even without data connectivity:

All times The internet is not required on your phone for this app to work. Once a number is identified by Truecaller, next time without Internet it will give you information about the caller.

4) Use Truedialer as default dialer:

The app offers you a dialer. Users can use the Truedialer as the default dialer. The discovery features of the app work like the methods of the Facebook and Twitter to find the people that you already know. It works on your location and existing contact list. If you find a contact with details set to private, Truecaller can show flowchart so that you can find a common friend.

5) Search numbers to identify with Search bar:

Search numbers to identify with Search bar- Truecaller hidden and new featuresTruecaller makes it easy to search any phone number accurately. If you want to identify any number, then simply type that number in a search bar and you will get information. You may additionally type name and  address here.

6) Set up your own profile:

In Truecaller, you can set up your own profile and then customize your profile in your own way. You can choose to show your name and a profile picture and the call recipients will get the details about you through this feature.

Similarly, you can also choose to hide your own identity from the call recipients under the privacy tab of Truecaller’s settings.

7) Remove your number from its database:

The app also lets you remove your number from its database. You need to visit this link Then type in your phone number inclusive of country code. Next, choose a reason for number removal, enter the captcha and click on unlist button.

Truecaller New Features:

Now Truecaller has updated its Android app with smart new features to revolutionize and enhance user communication and call management experience.

The new features are Smart Call History, Availability and an a built-in dialler feature,

1) Smart Call History:

Smart Call History-  Hidden Features And New Features of True CallerSmart Call History replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved in your contacts. Now you can identity each incoming call weather it is from landlines, mobile, or pre-paid or even if this number isn’t stored as a contact.

2) Availability Feature:Availability  -  Hidden Features And New Features of True Caller

Availability feature shows the user if the contact he or she intends to call is free to talk or not. When a user is on another call or schedule meeting in Calendar App, then Truecaller  shows this user as a busy to the contact on phonebook. The availability status is set to green if a person is free to take calls; otherwise it is switched to Red if the user in on a call or in a meeting at the moment.

3) Built-in dialer:

Built-in dialer -  Hidden Features And New Features of True CallerBuilt-in dialer of Truecaller allows you to make all your calls directly with Truecaller. This would save the time taken to switch back to the handset's stock dialler to make a call.