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The Internet is a wonderful resource of education, research, communication, interactive games and various school activities for children.

Due to these reasons, it is not possible to imagine a house without internet connection. In companies there is a firewall system, which restricts unwanted sites. But Internet at home is an open platform as there is no restriction on its uses. Kids have free access to the net and can surf in unwanted sties, learn bad things, or can meet strange peoples. In this digital age make parenting difficult and it is important to be aware of your kid’s activity on the Internet.

Here are some tools that will help you protect your child, and even alert you to any problems whenever they're using your home PC

1) Norton Family:

Norton Family is a free software package from the Symantec security. It blocks unwanted sites to lets your kids explore the web freely.

Norton Online Family provides an easy-to-read activity report where you can keep eye on the sites they visit, social media uses including name and age they are using on their profile. Also you can control time your kids spend online, avoid accidentally giving out sensitive personal information. You can get email alerts when kids attempt to visit a blocked site.


2) Qustodio:

Custodio” means guard in Latin. Qustodio helps parents to protect kids online. Qustodio can block access to Web sites matching its categories. Also you can set time limits on Internet access.

First you have to register in Qustodio, and then install Qustodio software on Windows. In this software create user account for your kids. Now whenever your kids signs into his user profile on your PC, Qustodio automatically blocks user defined sites. Also you can configure to send you a daily e-mail report to inform you of your kid's activities.

Qustodio has web-based dashboard where you can watch their online activities including social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Qustodio is easy to use, features superior technology, and is available in free and premium versions.



It is the easiest solution to protect your kids online. You don’t need to install software but you have to register and then setup OpenDNS Home on your router to block contents your want.

In OpenDNS websites are divided in categories and your have to select entire categories of content or can block individual website that you want. Then you can produce and even download the reports on sites visited.

To see details instructions of using OpenDNS click here.

But most home users have a dynamic IP address, meaning that it changes occasionally. Then in that case you have to download and install  OpenDNS Dynamic IP Updater software to use the complete OpenDNS protection.


4) K9 Web Protection :

K9 Web Protection is effective and free web filtering service for home use. Before you install this program, you must register on the Web site to get the free activation code.

It has an easy-to-use Parental Control panel that helps parents protect their children online. In K9 Web Protection’s main window, you can see the summary details about all the sites that have been visited and the URL requests. You can easily block unwanted sites using categories or can even set blocks using keywords, set time restrictions on Internet uses to protect your child against adult content and risky interactions.


Protect Your Kids Online With This Best Free Parental Control Tools

August 30, 2014  / Posted By - Kiran Patil