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Why SandBoxie:

In our daily computer work, we works on Internet, downloads many software and applications, emails etc. You are aware of the dangers of doing these activities as some software may be destructive and possibility of inflection of spyware and malware while working online. There are numerous options available for computer users who seek protection like antivirus, or anti-malware programs.

However, rather than fighting against virus or spyware that has infected a system, it makes sense to block the loopholes through which these can attack a computer. Sandboxie can help significantly in this scenario.


Sandboxie is great program which protect your computer from malicious software, rogue programs, Trojan, spyware, worms, viruses and any threat that can damage the system. This application allows user to run programs like browser, PDF, Word, Excel or any other application in a Sandbox isolated environment. This environment will be exactly like the real system, the only difference being it's isolated from the real system.

Inside Sandboxie, the programs will run normally, like they do outside the sandboxie, but whatever changes are made, stay inside the sandboxie, and the actual system remains unaffected by those changes.


What happens while using Sandboxie:

Let’s take an example to get clear idea –

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

Suppose you are working online, everything will be done as usual. But if you go to a suspicious site and click any link or even download a suspicious file, the actual system will not be affected. As a result, no app can cause harm to the operating system or important data stored on the computer and the system will remain safe.

Installation of Sandboxie

Download Sandboxie and run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions to install the application.

Once Sandboxie is installed and runs, it will show a window titled Sandboxie Control.

Runs programs in Sandboxie:

You can add any program in Sandboxie by clicking Sandboxie Menu > Defaultboax > Run Sandboxed > select the program you want to run in Sandboxie.

Another simple method is right-click on any program icon/shortcut that you want to run, and choose Run Sandboxed from the context menu.

Working on files or folders:

By default the main Sandboxie window is in Programs mode, but you can view files and folders created inside Sandboxie, you can switch the mode by clicking View --> Files and Folders.

As mentioned earlier, Sandboxed programs create files and folders inside the sandbox and you have to allow it to come out of Sandboxie. For example, a document file downloaded by a sandboxed browser is saved into the sandbox, but that file should be extracted and placed in the My Documents folder outside the sandbox.

The Quick Recovery feature makes it easier to extract files (and even whole folders) that are created and saved by sandboxed programs. To invoke the Quick Recovery window, use the Sandbox Menu -> Sandbox -> Quick Recovery command.

Download: Sandboxie

SandBoxie: Run Programs in a secured environment on Windows

January 01, 2015  / Posted By - Kiran Patil