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You want to keep an eye on your homes specific area, which may be a cupboard, door of your room or a main door of your home. But don’t have fund or skills to install a security camera? If you have old retired Smartphone or tablet, then a simple app can turn them into a wireless security camera for free!

Just download and install the app on Smartphone, then set up it on a stand pointing it’s camera in the direction you want to watch. When the app detects movement, it can alert you, take pictures of the thief and even sound an alarm.

There are few monitoring apps work for both Android and Apple.

1) Salient Eye:

Salient Eye turns any android device into a full home camera security system. The Salient Eye application uses your phone's camera to sense motion and makes alarm sounds when a break-in occurs. Salient Eye home security app catches intruders red-handed and immediately sends you pictures via email and SMS.

After installing, run the app and select the alerts you want using sms,sound or email. Also you will ask to set pass code which can be disarm the eye. Now Place the device with the camera facing the area you wish to protect (usually an entryway or a big hall).

With “SalientEye Remote Control” app you can start and stop the Salient Eye without touching the camera device it runs on. Just enable the remote control on camera device , install Salient Eye Remote Control on another device, and login with same salient eye user and that’s it.

Download: Silent Eye

2) WardenCam:

WardenCam turns your old phone into a free surveillance camera that you can watch remotely over internet (wifi/cellular). WardenCam provides total protection of the ones you love with motion detection video recording, mobile and email alert of events, two-way audio, and 24/7 recording.

Download: WardenCam

Use your old smart phone as a wireless security camera

May 13, 2015