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USB drives are small, portable, and useful tools for any computer users. You caGranite Portable- Secure USB Datan store all kinds of data and carry it along wherever you go. If you work on multiple computers, USB drives are perfect transporter of data between computers across location.

Surely USB drives are extremely useful tools for any computer users, but they can create security risk. Most users use USB drives to store personal information as well as business documents. If this data contains your financial documents or other personal and business information, then this data is sensitive and confidential.  In this case if you lost or stolen your USB drive, then you never want this USB drive into the wrong hands. These files stored on USB drives are freely accessible to anyone who has this USB drives. Unfortunately, you cannot protect your entire USB drive with password like your e-mail and social accounts.

But fortunately, there are many freeware tools available that will seriously protect your data with encryption. Many of them have many steps involve to secure data like – download -> install -> create volume -> put your data on it and finally encrypt it. Also when you want to open on other pc, you have to install this software on that pc and you must have administrator rights.

In the previous article “How to protect important data in windows” shown you how to use TrueCrypt to protect data on a USB flash drive.

Now this article explains the easiest ways to password protect files and folders on your USB flash drive.

Granite Portable:

Granite Portable was to provide a simple and effective way of protecting your important data and provides you a convenient way to transfer your confidential information in a password protected Vault folder. Any files stored inside the Vault folder will be protected using dual layers of security. The Granite Portable Menu and Vault are protected by a username and password.

This is a small program and doesn’t need installation.

Granite Portable- Main Window

From the Option yoranite-Portable-Optionu can customize themes, other security options and uninstall. Also you can reset your Password by clicking the “Forgot Password” text link at the bottom of the Granite Portable login screen. But to reset password you must define this computer as safe computer. You can set safe computer” is in the “options” Menu.

Download: Granite Portable

Direct Download

Alternate Download

You Will Never Think That To Secure USB Data Could Be So Easy! But It Is!

September 28, 2015