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Shopping through virtual stores is now becomes very popular. There are many advantages in online shopping like you don’t need to go to market search many shops for item and its price.  But be aware is always rick involved.

Here's a list of tips you should consult when shopping online.

Trust your instincts:

Don't shop at stores online that give you a bad feeling and appear shady. Also if you don’t feel comfortable buying or bidding on an item or if you feel pressure to place your order immediately, stay away.

Use checking feedback of web site:

You can also check feedback from other customers on this site and others sites also.

As long as possible use reputed web site for online shopping. Recently one web site offers 25% on I Phone and one man from Mumbai make payment online. And after that this web site is shut down and close all contacts.

Double check item description and pricing

Be suspicious of prices that are too good to be true.

Here I want to share my personal experience. I saw add on reputed web site about X2-02 mobile handset and it’s only on Rs. 700/- for Today. It’’s look a good deal but before carefully reading description there on mention at only on place that it is Premium X2-02. (What you understand from this ? It’s Premium companies handset not Nokia)

Also consider carefully whether you may be paying too much for an item, particularly if you're bidding through an auction site.

Always good to compare the price on other online store and offline stores also.

Check the policies

Always check the return, refund, and shipping and handling policies as well as the other legal terms . If you can't find them, ask the seller through an e-mail or telephone call to indicate where they are on the site or to provide them to you in writing.

Also read the privacy policy carefully though which how your information is collected and use. If the site does not have a privacy policy stay away.

Verify Website Security:

Some online web sites don’t offer secure shopping, so there is a chances that your personal and credit card information can be capture. So stay away from these type of site.

To check if the site is secure see if there is https:// (s means secure) and also there is small lock icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Use secure Internet connection.

Avoid using of public Wi-Fi while shopping.  Before you give your payment information, check for indicators that security software is in place.

If you are a regular online shoppers, then always check your credit or bank statements and frequently change your transaction password. Make your credit card more secure.

Don’t Store Information Elsewhere:

Many big shopping sites like offer you to save your credit card information on their servers to speed the shopping process next time. It’s definitely faster, but there are some risks to maintaining your personal information elsewhere. If a company that you’re shopping with has a data breach, your personal information could be put at risk.

Safety  tips for Safe Online Shopping

Oct. 21, 2013 / Posted By - Kiran Patil