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A Fast And Next-Generation Windows Search And Productivity Tool For Free

June 27, 2015

Windows has an inbuilt feature to search for files, folders or any extension tyA Fast And Next-Generation Windows Search And Productivity Tool For Free Lookeen Freepe, but many users complain that it is time-consuming and not so handy. Many surveys found that employees lose or waste time each day for searching documents in their hard drives or email inboxes and it decrease their productivity. If you have to search from lots of files in a very short time, then Lookeen Desktop Search is a great solution.

Lookeen Free is an indexed-based Windows desktop search tool that search data saved anywhere on your local hard drives. Indexing important folders with Lookeen allows you to simultaneously search the contents of Office documents (.xlsx, .docx, .pptx etc.), PDF files, web content such as HTML or PHP pages, and many more. The search results preview window will show you a quick view of the document. Your search words and filters will be highlighted in the preview window with different colored markers. Lookeen has a wide range of search filters and advanced search queries (e.g. date ranges / wildcards / from: / to: / ~ / and).lookeen

After installation the program, the program can be accessed by either pressing CTRL twice, by accessing the Windows start menu or by using the taskbar menu. It will take time to index depending on how large your data on drives are and how many files are there. Real-time indexing is performed in the background to keep search results up to date.

The option menu allows you to configure and to customize, how Lookeen works with your data on your computer. Here you can set which folders will be indexed, Index Schedule, index details etc.

In Lookeen Free, there are several features are not available like search network drive, search in Microsoft Outlook etc. But still Lookeen Free is the perfect desktop search solution for you, and the best alternative to Windows Desktop Search.

Download: Lookeen Free