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5 Best Free Alternative To Windows File Explorer For Advance File Management

September 19, 2015

A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interfBest_Free_File_Manager_For Windowsace to manage files and folders. File managers allow the user to view, create, edit, rename, copy, and delete the files and folders on their computer.

But Windows Explorer is not a perfect tool for advanced file management, because it lacks several functions such as bookmarks, history, multiple panes, Tabbed interface, Tree view, multiple file renaming and many more.

So If you are looking for special features like this, then there are some great alternatives which you may consider.

1) Explorer++:

Explorer++ File ManagerIf you want to be more productive by using advanced file operation, then you must use Explorer++. It is a small and fast file manager for Windows and it has many big advantages over Windows Explorer like tabs, bookmarks, preview of files, bookmark tabs, keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation and customizable user interface etc. You can run this portable application on your computers as it doesn’t require any installation.  Explorer++ even remembers the tabs you have open, so that you can open them directly.

If you right-click on a tab, you can choose to open a new tab, duplicate the current one, refresh the selected one or all open tabs, lock the current tab (it cannot be closed).

You can save complete opened directory listing by the Save Directory Lists option under File menu. This list include complete  information about a folder including its path, total size, number of contained files and folders as well as lists of their names are saved in the listing.

You can split a file into multiple parts by Actions Menu > Split. To split a file select that file go to Actions Menu and select Split File. Next, enter the split size, output file name & output folder, and click the Split button at the bottom. Also you can merge these split files together using the Actions Menu > Marge Fils.

You can bookmark you your frequently used folders, so that you can open them quickly without wasting time every time you need to open them.

The Search dialog box allows you to search for files and folders by specifying part of the file name, or even several attribute options including Archive, Hidden, Read-only and System.

Download: Explorer++

2) FreeCommander:

FreeCommander_File_ExplorerAs the name suggests, it won’t cost you for any purpose, either personal or commercial. It is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. Here you can find all the necessary functions like Dual-panel, Tabbed interface, Optional tree view for each panel, File viewer and thumbnail view inside archives, Plain view – structure less view for files and folders, Linked browsing, File properties and context menu, Calculation of folder size and Folder comparison etc.

FreeCommander has some great features, which are not available in default Windows file explorer.

FreeCommander helps users to splits window either by horizontally or by vertically to compare two different folders side by side.

From the File tab you can perform tasks like pack, unpack, split etc with basic operation like cut, copy, past and delete.

You can rename multiple files at once, just by selecting them and click on File > Multirename.

Download: FreeCommander

3) Multi Commander:

Multi Commander File ManagerMulti Commander has a everything you need in your daily works faster and efficient with files and folders. It has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. Also it has some special features for advance task like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, registry and FTP, Search for file, View files and pictures and the Scripting support let you automate many task. Also you can work faster with keyboard shortcut.

Download:  Multi Commander

4) Xplorer² Lite :

xplorer2 File ManagerXplorer2, free, powerful and efficient double-panel file explorer. Xplorer2 allows you to set up tabs, which can greatly speed up file navigation, as well as unify your file management workflow. The free lightweight version of xplorer² offers features like dual panes, folder tabs, side by side views, filter and select with wildcards, Synchronize folders, preview of documents, pictures, music, videos etc.

Download: Xplorer² Lite

5) XYplorerFree:

XYplorerFree File ManageXYplorer is a simple to use and portable File Manager. It doesn’t require any installation and you can take it with you and start it from a USB stick, along with your personal configuration. It replaces Windows Explorer with several enhanced functions and interface improvements. You can use XYplorerFree for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

In XYplorerFree, you can easily rename the tabs, hide them and locks them. You can also drag and drop files on the tab headers. It includes useful features like batch rename with preview, ability to calculate folder sizes, directory print option, duplicate file finder, quick file compare tool and more powerful search tools.

Download: XYplorerFree

This selection covers only 5 best free Windows Explorer alternatives, but there are more applications to consider. In addition to free tools, there are a multitude of paid applications.

Are you using another alternative than these? Let us know which your favorite is in the comments.