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Print Job Stuck? Clear Printer Queue With This Free Utility

November 07, 2015

You are going to print some important documents and sudden you are unablPrint Flushe to print. This happens due to print job stuck in the queue or due to printer’s spooler problem. Now you want to cancel this print job, but when you try to cancel or delete this print job from the print queue, it just does nothing. Moreover, you are also unable to print anything. Many of us experienced this frustrating printing problem.

There are some traditional methods to clear print jobs. But if you do not want anymore these traditional methods to fix it usually involves rebooting, restarting the print spooler, trashing junk print files, and sometimes even more, then?

Most of us didn’t know at that there’s a tiny (less than 1 KB in size) freeware called Printflush that does it with one click. If solves all print jobs stuck problems easily without additional steps. It will work with Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Simply download this zip file, extract it and right click and “Run As Administrator”. That’s it!

Download: Print Flush 1.3

For your information here some traditional methods to clear print jobs –delete_printque_jobs

1) Method-1: Cancel or delete stuck print job in Windows

If this method worked for you, then go to second method

2) Method-2: Stop and Start the print spooler

If you find that this has not resolved your print error then goes to third method


3) Method-3: Delete all spooled files