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Save web page pictures automatically

Posted By - Kiran Patil

If you’re someone who likes to save lot of images from web, then SavePictureAs will be the most useful tool for you. Because the reason is ..

 What will you do to save the images from web? I know the procedure is almost always the same: right-click, select “Save image as”, and choose your preferred destination. That’s simple enough, but what if you want to save many images?

SavePictureAs is an open-source tool which speeds up the image saving process by automating most of above traditional steps. The very simple method with SavePictureAs is, you have to move the mouse cursor over a picture, press a customizable hotkey, and watch as the program simulates a right-click, selects “Save image as”, points the browser at your favorite folder, and saves the picture with its default file name.  If this file name already exists, a “Duplicates” dialog offers various options such as delete one of the pictures, add the current date and time to one name, or just enter your preferred file name.

Alternatively, SavePictureAs can be set up to automatically save images with custom names, perhaps using sequential numbers (pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg), or maybe adding the date and time. Set up your own rules to deal with duplicates – “always overwrite”, “add date and time” and so on – and you won’t be hassled with any more alerts.

It support browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, RockMelt, Avant, Comodo Dragon, and K-Meleon. Also you can assign up to 16 hotkeys with different locations to save the files.

Get SavePictureAs here for free

When you open the installation file it will ask you to configure the hotkeys and their default locations. Also by clicking on the “Configure Hotkeys & Folders” from the Settings Menu you can change the default key combination.  The default key combination is Ctrl+Spacebar with the location C:\Users\UserName\Pictures.

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