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Ms Office Tips and Tricks Which will Do Work Faster

Posted on: August 14, 2014 / By - Kiran Patil

You use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on a daily basis. But still you may be not aware about many things and how they work, so you didn’t use 100% application power. Here are tips and tricks for Microsoft Office that will help you to increase productivity and you can work faster and efficiently.

MS – Word

1) Moving a paragraph effortlessly Up or Down:

If your number of paragraphs in a document and out of them is in the wrong order and you want to move it. Then you have to cut this paragraph and place the mouse point at desired location and paste. But if you want to move more paragraphs then?

Oh! Don’t be frustrate! Just place the cursor in paragraph you want to move then press [ALT]+ [SHFT] ↑ to move up and [ALT]+ [SHFT] ↓ to move down.

It is easy?

2) Move Text or Paragraph without cut and paste:

Instead of using cut and paste, select the text or paragraph you want to move, press F2 key, then place the cursor where you want to past and press [Enter].

3) Change Case:

You typed in Document and want to change the case of any paragraph. Then don’t go in Home Tab – Click on Change Case button and select the case your want. Just press [Shift] +[F3] to toggle case.

4) Selecting Text quickly:

Press double-click on the word you want to select quickly.

Press triple-click anywhere within a paragraph for entire selection of paragraph.

If you want to select more paragraphs or selecting area is very large, then place the insertion pointer at the beginning of the text from which you want to select then holding [Shift] key click at the end.

If you want to select text or paragraph which are in random series then pressing [CTRL] key and select the text that you want to select randomly.

Also you can select the text vertically. Just hold the [ALT] key and drag the mouse pointer rectangular.

5) Quickly go on last location:

If you have very large document you are going to edit or formatting and If you want to go at last location where you make any changes recently, then press [Shift] + [F5]

6) Type anywhere in a page:

You can type anywhere in a document where you want. Just double click where you want to type and start typing.

7) Convert into plain text:

If you copy the text from webpage and past in Word Document, then it will past with all formats. To convert this rich text into plain text, select the paragraph and press [Ctrl]+ Spacebar

8) Define words:

Right-click on a word and choose Define to pick a dictionary and see its definition. You can even get help with pronunciation if you need it.

MS Excel

1) Copy formula in bottom cell:

You have typed a formula in a cell and want to copy in all bottom cell. Then don’t drag the fill handle, just double click the fill handle and the formula is instantly copied to all bottom cell. (But bottom cell must are in a table)

2) Copy Month or Day in Row or Column:

Remember a situation that you typed a Month January or Day Monday in a cell want this to copy in other cell. Then you can’t drag the fill handle, as it is sequential and fill January, February…. . But if you want January or Monday repeated then hold [Ctrl] key while dragging.

3) Typing same data in multiple cells:

If you need to enter the same data (text, numbers or equations) into a range of cells, then don’t type in a cell and copy. Instead of select the range of cell in which you want the same entries, then type what you want and press [Ctrl] + [Enter].


4) Fill in the blank cells:

Imagine a situation, you make table in Excel and due to some reasons there are many blank cell. Now you want to fill these cells with certain entry (Word, Number for formula).

Then select the range of the table where you want to fill.

Press Ctrl + G and it will display Go To Window.

Click Special button and then select Blank option and press Ok.

Now all blank cells are selected and here type what you want and press Ctrl + Enter.

Now you will see a magic!

MS PowerPoint

1) Faster Formatting:

If you want to select all within a Text Box, then don’t go in old fashion - hold down your mouse button, drag and release.

Just click on the border of the Text Box, then this frame turns into a solid line. Now format what you want and it applies to all text.

2) Duplicate in as second:

If you have an object and you want duplicate of it, then simply press [Ctrl] + [D]. You can also make duplicate slides by selecting slide in Normal View and press [Ctrl] + [D].

It also works in Word, Excel and Outlook.

3) Access inaccessible content in PowerPoint Show:

Someone sent you a PowerPoint Show and you like it and want to make changes in it. But when you double click on this file it will run as a Show. So let’s start the PowerPoint first and then open this file in it.

MS Outlook

1) Never overlook an email from an important sender again

You got too many mails per day and you have to pay attention on important mails. So it is good idea of changing colors for important person’s mails automatically when it arrives.

Procedure -

Go to View Menu –- Arrange By – Custom – Automatic Formatting.

A new window will open. Click here Add button

Click Font Button and select the formatting for incoming mails from sender and click Ok.

Now click Condition button and type the email address of the sender for which you want auto formatting.

Then exit by clicking Ok.