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See How Easily You Can Keeps Your Kids Safe On The PC With Child Account

October 10, 2016

You kids are more important for you than anything else. If you have a pc Child Account in Windows 10at home with Internet connection and your kids are using it, then you should be careful about their daily activity. You have to make sure for many things like they can use only apps and games that are appropriate for their age, they can see only those sites which you want and adult websites are blocked for them and they are not spending too much time in the virtual world. You can’t keep away your kids from Internet and PC in this e-generation. But, one thing which we can do is you can watch and control their daily activity on PC and Internet.

Luckily if you are using Windows 10, then you can set up a Child Account to make your parenting much easier.

Child Account is probably one of the nice features of Windows 10 in which you can set and manage all these limits. Once you've added a child to your family, you have full control in blocking websites, monitoring their browsing activity and timings on PC. Also Kids can ask your permission to keep browsing when their time is up, or to see or download anything that's blocked.

To add a child to your family:

You can Child Account by-

Start --> Setting --> Accounts --> Family & Other users --> Add a Family MembersWindows10 Child account in Family- Add account in setting


SiWindows10- Add Child accountgn in at

Set limits on the websites your child can visit:Windows10- Web Browsing limit for Child account in Family

There's a lot of great things to learn about on the internet, but also lots of things you don't want your kids to stumble on. You can set limits on the kinds of websites your kids can see so that things stay appropriate for their age. For example, you might allow them to see known child-friendly and general-interest websites, while automatically blocking any sites that provide adult content.

To set up website restrictions:

App and game restrictions:

Windows10- App, games, media in  Child account in FamilyApps and games restrictions are managed with one switch.  You can set an age-based rating level so that your kids can use apps and games that are rated appropriately for their age, but not apps that are too mature for them or don't have an age rating. You can also allow or block specific, individual titles.

Kids can ask your permission if they want to use a blocked app or play a blocked game, and you can respond to permission request from your email, directly from your child's activity report.

To use age-based rating levels:

Select Apps & games, and switch “Block inappropriate apps and games” to On.

You can also set limit to use apps and games from three to twenty-year-olds, or not at all. Note, as you change the age, the ratings will change as well.

Set time limits:Windows10- Screen Time set for Child account in Family

You can limit the time your child spends with their screens. You can decide the time period when your child uses the computer. In addition you can set a maximum time per device per day they can use them. For example, you might let them spend two hours a day on the PC during the week, but give them more time on weekends.

Go to Screen time and switch “Set limits for when my child can use devices ” to On.

Select times during each day that you want to allow your child to use their devices, and if you wish, set a maximum time allowance per device. If you don't want to set a maximum time, select Unlimited.

Manage your kids' requests:

Your children in your Microsoft family can send you email requests for new apps, games, or websites they want permission to use. You can always deal with those requests individually in your email, but you can also manage them all in one place at

Monitor your child's device use with activity reports

Recent Activity

The recent actiWindows10- Recent Activity of Child account in Familyvity report shows all web browsing report, all the apps and games your child has been using and your child's overall time spent on each of their devices. Also you can choose to Allow or Block URLs, apps and games and adjust your child's screen time limits.

If you don't want to receive weekly activity reports in your email, you can turn that feature off and just check your kids' activity reports pages manually.

Activity Report on email:

You will get a email from Microsoft titled 'Weekly activity report for child', including which websites he's visited, how many hours per day he's used it, and how many minutes he used each of his favorite apps.