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Shortcut keys in Windows 8 for everyday working

Jan. 25, 2013  / Posted By - Kiran Patil

Windows 8 is full of futures and many task. It’s flavour is very different of old OS. Today we are discuss the shortcut keys which are useful for day-to-day working in Windows8. In this secession I eliminate the touch part. So we are looking only Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts. As windows 8 eliminate Start button we must have to remember these keys for quick working.

Windows + Other key combination :

Working in Start Windows :

Organize our Start Windows:

If there are too many applications you installed, then you must want to categories them.

Go to steps-

  1. First drag tiles to the right side of windows.
  2. Zoom out windows by pressing Windows+ Mouse scroll.
  3. Right click on this group. You will see the Name Group options will appear on left side  at the bottom.
  4. Type the name and press Enter.

Refresh PC without losing everything.

If you feel that your system has some problem, then no worry to fresh install of OS and all applications which are time consuming.

Now you can refresh your Windows 8 without losing your data.


Go to Setting (Windows key + I)

Select the Change PC Setting option which is at the bottom.

Select General Tab.

Go to Refresh your PC without affecting your files and click Get started button below it and press Refresh.

After a few minute Pc will restart and you will get a fresh copy of windows 8.