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Software Informer

The purpose of this section is to aware you some important software, which play a important role in our day to day life. These software makes things simple. And ...

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Windows has an inbuilt feature to search for files, folders or any extension type, but many users complain that it is time-consuming and not so handy. Many surveys found that employees lose or waste time each day for searching documents in their hard drives or email inboxes and it decrease their productivity.

A Fast And Next-Generation Windows Search And Productivity Tool For Free


If you are conscious about the safety of your data, then it is a good habit of taking backup of important data. But if there is large amount of data which has to be transfer from one place to another for backup purpose, then copy and paste or drag and drop is a boring and time consuming operation.  

Robocopy – A Powerful Tool To Fast, Error Free And Customizable Backup Process


No matter how large capacity hard disk has, but we always feel that it is not enough for us and we always require more space. Why this happens? Today computer is not just a working device, we use computer for social activities, entertainment and many things.

Take Advantage Of Tools To Find Out What Types of Data are Taking More Disk Space


Now you can find so many formats for documents, images, audios and videos. But sometimes you get a file in such a format, that no program on your computer supports it. What you will do if you trap in this situation? Then you have two choice, either you install the supported software or look for file converter utility.

Convert Your Files To A Different Format Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read This Complete Guide


A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders. But Windows Explorer is not a perfect tool for advanced file management, because it lacks several functions such as bookmarks, history, multiple panes, Tabbed interface, Tree view, multiple file renaming and many more.

5 Best Free Alternative To Windows File Explorer For Advance File Management

Best_Free_File_Manager_For Windows

There are some traditional methods to clear print jobs. But if you do not want anymore these traditional methods to fix it usually involves rebooting, restarting the print spooler, trashing junk print files, and sometimes even more, then?Most of us didn’t know at that there’s a tiny (less than 1 KB in size) freeware called Printflush that does it with one click

Print Job Stuck? Clear Printer Queue With This Free Utility

Print Flush

In this Digital Era, nearly everyone has a high resolution camera, whether part of a Smartphone or the latest DSLR and photography is becoming popular. Modern cameras can make digital photography very easy and provides tools to lightly editing the photos to make its look better. Many times there are some issues in these photos

5 Best Free Photo Editing Software For You To Improve Your Photos

Best Free Photo Editing Software 2

Is your Internet performing below its stated speed? Internet speed can depend on a several factors, your computer, browser, software, ISP, Wi-Fi, hardware, etc. Instead of configuring all these setting manually, you can use following software to boost Internet speed

The 3 Most Successful Free Internet Booster Software For Windows

Free Internet Booster Software For Windows

What will you do if you want to download a lot of pictures from one page? This tradition method of right click on each image and save option, will consume lot of time and effort. Then it is usually way more comfortable to use a program that automates part of the downloading for you.

One Click Download Bulk Images From Internet With These Free Softwares

Download Bulk Images From Internet

Regular backups are often the only way that can save your valuable data from being lost. Ideally you have at least two backup one kept at external hard drive and second on cloud. These free backup software can be used to manually or automatically back up the important data on your computer hard drive to somewhere safe like a external hard disc,

Eliminate Your Fears About Data Lost And Use These Best Free Backup Software

Download Bulk Images From Internet